How to Get That Perfect Glowing Skin Without theSun?

It’s no secret that the sun and tanning beds can cause damage to your skin. Tanning lotions and other products don’t give you the same results as a natural glow. Luckily there has been a new compound that promises to give your skin a suntan without any sunlight. The compound is called Melanotan 2 and has been recently gaining popularity. You can buy Malanotan 2 online with a small shipping fee.  It hasn’t been clinically tested on human skin, but doctors and other professionals are hopeful for it to one day is the main tanning solution.

Melanotan 2

Melanotan-II is a chemical that is similar to that of a hormone found in people which helps pigment the skin. It is usually given by injection and can help tan the skin and prevent skin cancers that are caused by sun exposures. Melanotan 2 is similar to that of melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which usually increases the production of skin darkening pigments. To put it simple, you can take this drug by injection and the results appear within the new week or so. It gives you the same natural glow that you would originally get from tanning in the sun.

Is it safe?

Melanotan 2 can be safely used, if not abused. If you’re a heavy user, then you can expect to see many side effects. It is not life threatening, however, you should always take caution when taking any sort of substance. People who have taken melatonin have experienced blotchy skin, spots on the face, and unusual erectile erections. Studies have not yet tested to see if melanotan 2 is safe to do while pregnant, so it is advised to avoid it if you know you are pregnant. Other side effects include nausea, stomach aches, decreased appetite, flushing of skin, tiredness, yawning, darkened skin, and many more. Just remember that melanotan 2 is still a new drug and is still currently being tested. See more.

Does it work effectively?

Yes, melanotan works very well when you want a natural glowing tan to your skin. It uses chemicals that are similar to that of chemicals in your body that produce darker skin. The tan will usually be very light compared to if you were to tan out in the sun. This could be a good alternative if you’ve become sensitive to the sun and often suffer from sunburns.


If you’re trying to decide if you should choose melanotan 2, you should make sure to research how it will affect you and your body. This drug is still in its experimental phases, and it may be dangerous in the long run. It’s a good alternative if you’ve been constantly using tanning beds or going to tanning salons. These methods are not healthy for your skin and ultimately you could be putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. Melanotan 2 can help you get a natural rich glow without the orange undertone. We believe that you should give it a shot and buy peptides for sale and see how you like it before judging it by the side effects. For more information visit:

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